We are delighted that KingKids came to Berwick, they introduced wholesome fresh food and a focus on high-quality care and education. The Educators are fantastic, the atmosphere is warm and nurturing, and I couldn’t be happier
— Sarah - KingKids Parent


KingKids Narre Warren you’re all amazing!! We absolutely love how creative, caring and thoughtful you all are! Kevin is so happy now! By far the best centre in the area! I would be so lost without all the help and support! Thanks guys x
— Jenna - Kevin's Mum
The kids ask everyday if it’s a kinder day and are sad when it’s not. That is the ultimate assurance a parent needs and a definite sign that each day is engaging and fun.
— KingKids Narre Warren Mum
We love coming to KingKids because the Educators are always happy and excited to have fun day with us.
Mum and Dad like sending us here becuase it’s a safe and nurturing environment where we can play whilst being given the best care possible whilst they are at work.
They also love the fact that all the staff go the extra mile to ensure we are happy whilst at KingKids each day
— Austin and Darcy - with a little help from Mummy and Daddy!
KingKids are more than ‘looking after my son’, you are providing an educational day for him as well. I couldn’t be happier with choosing KingKids - you all have made the working mum gig a little smoother
— Carly - KingKids Mum
We love our girls at KingKids because they form strong bonds with and really know them; this means that they are emotionally well looked after an provided with interesting learning opportunities
— The Atkins Family - KingKids Parents
I’m really impressed with the sensory play activities, Yonal enjoyed making slime :-)
— Enoka, Yonal's Mum
As an Educator at KingKids I have been able to express my own individuality and have been able to extend on my skill sets through professional training and mentoring within the KingKids environment .
KingKids has helped me expand and grow both professionally and on personal levels. The people I have met are some of the most inspiring souls I know.
There is a lot of Fun and Laughter - which is a key part part of the philosophy; KingKids is a truly amazing place to be a part of.
— Claire Bradley - KingKids Educator
The newly re-furbished outdoor playground is exceptional - I’ve never seen anything like it
— LC