Our Vision - Why we do what we do

To make a Positive Difference

Our Mission - How we do what we do

To provide the best Childcare, Childcare that Excites Children and Delights Parents, by making a positive difference...

... In the lives of the children in our care by giving them the best possible start to their early developmental and educational years and set the foundations for their childhood and beyond,

... In the lives of our Families by giving them the security that their children are happy, stimulated and educated in a safe welcoming and nurturing environment,

... In the lives of our Team by valuing and respecting them as individuals, encouraging their growth and development, and making their workplace fun, and

... In the Communities that we operate in by bringing the Community into our centres and our centres in to the Community.


Our Values

Fun & Laughter
Respect & Tolerance
Honesty & Integrity
Teamwork & Collaboration
Diversity & Individuality

The principles of “Being”, “Belonging” and “Becoming” as set out in the Early Years Learning Framework are embedded in the practices of all of our educators. Along with our values, these principles underpin everything that we do at KingKids.


Our Philosophy

We love the energy, curiosity and creativity of children.  At KingKids it is our belief that children have the right to learn, develop and grow in a stimulating and fun environment that is secure, welcoming and nurturing.  It is our goal to provide the foundations that will enable children to grow as self-confident and well balanced people.

Our inclusive program aims to promote the development of inventive, imaginative and responsible children who are engaged and have reasoning and problem solving skills.  We acknowledge the value of play and our play based curriculum aims to create an environment where children are allowed to explore and discover.  We acknowledge that what children see as simply playing and having fun in our open ended play spaces is actually learning; which occurs differently for each child as learning needs to occur at the child’s own pace.

Children’s pre-school years provide the foundation for a lifetime of learning and personal development. At KingKids we encourage the development of spoken language and children are supported to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas and ask why?  Children’s voices are heard and included in our curriculum with our holistic programming based upon and extending on children’s interests and abilities. 

Jordan and Kevin.JPG

We believe that communication is the key to strong reciprocal relationships between Educators, management, children and families so operate with a genuine open-door policy.   We understand families’ desire for an inviting, aesthetically pleasing and clean environment as well as a fresh healthy and varied menu, so this a priority for us.

Our children are encouraged to socialise with their peers and Educators and develop independence.  We believe that independence occurs through accepting challenges and taking risks; we aim to be risk aware, not risk adverse.  We feel that it is important that children are taught respect; both for other individuals and the physical environment.  To that end, respect and sustainability are integral components of program planning and role modelling.  This extends to acknowledging and respecting the traditional land owners, the Bunurong and Wurundjeri people